The Grace Sober Living (GSL) Christian discipleship recovery program is rooted in a holistic life of Christian faith by mentorship, accountability and strong connection to a faith community. The recovery program is founded on these principals as well as strongly encouraging involvement with support group organizations such as Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous and/or Alcoholics Anonymous and, most importantly a connection to a local faith-community committed to supporting, praying and encouraging those residents in the program. Recent data points clearly point to the significantly greater efficiency of faith-based addiction recovery programs.  



  • Referred out of a treatment program or sober a minimum of 30 days.
  • Agree to live in the house for a minimum 3 months, committed to staying sober, and desire transformation.
  • Attend weekly meetings, work a personalized Recovery Care Plan, get a job & sustain employment, and abide by the house rules.


  • Saturday – 7:00pm: Celebrate Recovery at Impact Church 
  • Sunday  – 4:00pm: Family Meeting and Dinner at the house  
  • Monday  – 7:00pm: Celebrate Recovery at Living Streams Church 
  • Tuesday  – 6:00pm: Bible Study at the house
  • Wed       – 6:00pm: Never Give Up speaker program at the house  
  •  TBD       – Recovery and Sponsor/Mentor Meetings (minimum of 1 meeting per week)
  •  TBD       – Progress Meetings w/ House Manager (determined with House Manager) 

Basic Requirements for Personalized Recovery Care Plans 

  • Get a recovery Sponsor/Mentor and have them talk to House Manager within 1 week. Continually work a recovery program with a Sponsor/Mentor, and regularly update House Manager on progress. 
  • Seek and maintain full-time employment within 3 weeks (no driving/delivery jobs). 
  • Attend weekly church service and eventually become a member at a church and serve. 
  • Start the day with God by reading the Bible, prayer walk, journaling, worship music, etc. 
  • Exercise a minimum of 2X’s per week (run, hike, lift weights, etc.) 
  • Obtain health insurance, get under the care of a medical doctor, and take medications as prescribed. 
  • Set and accomplish personal goals set with House Manager (obtain driver’s license, debt recovery, settle legal issues, start school, reconnect with family, etc.)
  • Participate in Community Service Days (two days per month)  
  • Participate in Biblical Counseling (2 individual sessions and 2 groups sessions per month) 
  • Participate in wellness services/trainings as suggested and available (healthy eating/workout plans, deliverance, financial management, communication, and relationship skills, etc.)  

House Rules  

  1. No use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or any mind-altering substances on or off the premises.
  2. If you have any reason to believe that another resident has used drugs or alcohol, you must notify the House Manager immediately.
  3. Must submit and pass random drug testing.
  4. Must sign out and sign out when leaving and returning from the house.
  5. Out of bed (with bed made) by 6:30am on weekdays. Curfew of 9:30pm on weekdays and 10:30pm on weekends (unless an exception is approved in advance by House Manager).
  6. Complete assigned weekly chores and maintain clean living quarters in room and common areas at all time.
  7. Maintain a high level of cleanliness regarding bodily hygiene and clothing. Residents must shower each day, always be dressed in common areas, and clothing shall be neat, clean, and conservative.
  8. Guests must be approved in advance by the House Manager (except for Sponsor/Mentor) and are only allowed in the common areas. Guests must leave by 9pm.
  9. No overnight guests at the home. All resident overnights away must be pre-approved.
  10. Noise level must be kept down in and around the house between the hours of 10:30pm and 7:00am.
  11. Be respectful. Maintain a cooperative and positive attitude.
  12. No profanity or perverse language, music, or television.
  13. No gambling, pornography, or sexual activity.
  14. No weapons on premise.
  15. Be honest. There is more grace in making a mistake then be caught in a lie.


$175 per week (shared room) due every Friday. 

Move-in scholarships may be available in some cases. 

Pay it Forward 

The Pay it Forward program is designed to help a person in recovery enter the program despite the lack of financial resources. As residents become financially stable, they have the voluntary opportunity to donate $20 a week to the program.  

Program Graduates  

If a program participant successfully works the Transformation Happens recovery program (with no relapse) for 6 months, then they will receive a certificate as an official Transformation Happens Program Graduate and receive a $1,000 gift that can be applied toward a down payment on an apartment or house upon move-out. 

Transformation Happens Alumni  

Transformation Happens Alumni are encouraged to stay connected by attending community events and sponsoring new program participants. Alumni are also eligible to apply and be employed as House Managers for Grace Sober Living.  

Contact Information & Online Application

House Manager: Pastor Pat Bianco (call or text: 602-423-4757)

Online applications are currently being accepted for males in recovery.



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“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Proverbs 11:25