With your support, we can help more men and women overcome drug and alcohol addiction in Arizona. 

Whether you choose to make a one-time donation, provide a sponsorship for a resident’s program fees, or become a GraceGiver monthly giving partner, we appreciate and

thank you for helping our residents not only sustain sobriety, but discover their purpose 

and transform their lives!


Join Grace Givers and become a part of our community of partners committed to helping Grace Sober Living provide high-quality and affordable sober living to people overcoming drug and alcohol addiction in Arizona.

As a $27 per month reoccurring donor, you’ll provide residents with the care and accountability they need to sustain sobriety and rebuild their lives through:

  • 6 months of stable, family-centered housing with a 24/7 House Manager
  • Personalized Recovery Care Plans with meetings, budgeting & goal setting 
  • Weekly family-style dinners, daily protein shakes and vitamin supplements
  • Biblical Counseling, studies and discipleship 
  • Life skills trainings, job support/career development and more! 

Why 27

Grace Sober Living’s vision is to establish 27 sober living homes in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona by 2030.

We choose 27 as it is a meaningful and powerful reminder of two principal milestones in the life of our Chairman, Jimmy Walker. Scott Walker (son of Jimmy and Nancy Walker), was (over his lifetime) in detox and recovery facilities 27 separate times prior to his passing from accidental overdose. In addition, Jimmy started Celebrity Fight Night 27 years ago, from which he recently stepped down after having raised over $130 million of for local charitable purposes, principally the Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center. After Scott’s passing in December 2019, and in wishing to honor his vision to have Christian sober living homes that truly cared about people, the Walker’s and several close friends (some of whom now are board members of GSL), launched Grace Sober Living.

Damon came to us seeking a safe, clean environment to help him stay sober and prepare to reunite with his family.

“Grace Sober Living has literally been a shelter in the storm for me. At a time when I had all but given up on people, I saw that the people involved in this ministry truly care about people. This helped soften my jaded heart, brought hope into my life, and restored my faith. I now have a great job and am working on becomiing a good father to my daughter Lilly by being an active part of her life.

All I can really say is Thank you, you are making a difference.”

Kenny moved into Scott’s Place After 15 years of battling addiction, being homeless, and serving time in prison.

“God blessed me with a new chance at life by coming to Grace Sober Living. I am rebuilding my life by working fulltime, going back to school, growing in my relationship with God, and have restored relationships with my family. I am now building my credit with a goal to own my own home one day. May God bless all who support this important ministry.”

Join our community and help us sustain Grace Sober Living homes by becoming a monthly GraceGiver. Your donation will help residents to rebuild their lives and sustain sober, peaceful and successful lives.